Searching for a type form

In Design, Type Design on 03/23/2009 at 15:21

Sketches i did a time ago for another type form idea. working with grid system, and angle points, combined with organic bone like elements… don’t know if it could work…

Searching for another type form.

  1. hello, i came across your blog via the FontFeed (http://www.fontfeed.com) and the Swisscom identity. i love the above type ideas! nice work! if this does ever develop into something, please share!

  2. Hello Simon
    Interesting Blog 🙂 And thanks for the link to Fontfeed, allways good to read about his own presentations, that i can improve my contents and presentation style. Seems that i have to say more next time (Darren was leading so i was co-speaker) 🙂

    Thanks for the feedback on my font skenches! Its a hard one though, i’m not sure if the system works… ill work on that i promise 🙂 I once started another, more serious font project, see my website (in german, ill upload that to my Blog too i think…) http://www.danielseverin.com/Arbeiten/Arbeiten-Font-Severina.html

    Best, Daniel

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