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First try of 3D Typography

In Design on 02/10/2010 at 12:08

I had the assignment to do a poster concept for an arts club. My concept was quite simple. A grid system behind allows to move around typography and do different arrangements, according to the title and the artists. As title concept i wanted to visualize the title as handmade typography in a metaphor. First word was “Verbindung” (connection, association, interlinkage). I built the typography with wooden type from a handcraft shop which i enveloped with threads, then i photographed it. I made the typography “flying” with some wires at the back.

Verbindung, handcrafted typography


Searching for a type form

In Design, Type Design on 03/23/2009 at 15:21

Sketches i did a time ago for another type form idea. working with grid system, and angle points, combined with organic bone like elements… don’t know if it could work…

Searching for another type form.